After Class Exercise Turns Into Hot Workout Fuck

workout sex

Here’s a hot fuck scene from Dirty Coach that features a truly sexy piece of teen ass! Adell is a hotty and she intends to stay that way by exercising and doing it right, so she got a private trainer to teach her after school. Well, this guy is a bit of a dirty minded type, and one look at her sexy teen body, and he wants her! It’s okay, her secret plan all along was to get some hot fucking from a studly dude:

Adell says she needs a special training program. It’s pretty obvious that what she really needs is that fitness professional fitting his fat cock right in her very wet pussy. The young dark-haired babe works a little bit of her magic. In under a minute, there she is, fucking that dude all over the gym. A long, hard, honest fuck. Well, girl, you totally deserve it!

Nice hot workout sex here, Adell has sexy small teen tits and a great ass, and her fat lipped pussy is the perfect fuck hole for sure. Everyone is sweating and covered in cum at the end of this session, it’s a hot teen fuck for sure!

workout fuck

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