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Firm tits, a cute smile, and a naughty attitude make seductive schoolgirl Madison Hart into one of the most dangerous girls in school She looks so innocent but she knows how to get the cock when she wants it, and she knows that every guy want to pull of her white cotton panties and lick out her tight young pussy!

“I had the hots for one of my tutors. He was this older guy and he was so hot. I used to stare at his package and drool over how big it looked. I didn’t even try to hide it, and I loved seeing him sweat. I could tell he had mixed feelings about me. On one hand he wanted to be professional, but on the other I know he liked me. So I made it easy for him. One day I just reached out and grabbed his package. I felt it grow in my hand, then I let it grow some more in my mouth. After seeing it fully hard, I had to have that huge cock in my pussy! The tutor really taught me a lesson that day, if you know what I mean.”.

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Schoolgirl Paula Shy Fingered and Fucked

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Here’s a wildly hot new scene from Wow Girls that i couldn’t resist. Paula Shy is the perfect schoolgirl, a real brainy looking girl, cute in her full schoolgirl uniform. Her new boyfriend is one of the school tough guys, and he expects more than a good conversation after school. So when they get back to her room, well, studying isn’t on the agenda.

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I love watching this guy finger her moist teen twat, this sexy schoolgirl is horny but more than a little innocent looking, not really getting too active as he takes advantage of her sexy ass and pussy. He fingers her really well, and dives in to eat her out and lick her ass too – that makes her squeal! They fuck like that too, and then he turns her over to fuck her from the front and finally dumping his load of cum on her face and glasses. Nerdy fun!

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This naughty schoolgirl has been pushing on her teachers buttons for weeks, teasing with her shirt schoolgirl uniform skirt and her collection of cute panties. Well, he can’t take it anymore, and finds a reason to make her stay after school. He makes it very clear that now is the time for him to get some pussy, and while she acts a little sweet and innocent, you know this sexy schoolgirl is just as horny for his cock as he is for her pussy. Nice tight cunt on this teen girl too, when he pulls her panties to the site you can see her neatly shaved pussy lips are tight and still closed, proof this girl is still very young, barely legal even. They fuck up a storm in the classroom, right on the desk, and on the floor as well, with the teacher giving her schoolgirl pussy some serious fucking before pulling out and spewing his load all over her pretty face! Nice schoolgirl fuck for sure!

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Machiko Has An After School Special

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Here’s a real after school special featuring sexy teen Machiko. I found her over at Young Legel Porn looking so tasty in her schoolgirl uniform, and I particularly like this scene because she never takes that uniform off, the lucky dude getting to fuck this schoolgirl does her right in her uniform. There is a bit of a sense of urgency, that feeling that her parents could be home any minute driving this barely legal teen to fuck hard and fast, and she seems to really love it! She even takes that cock in her ass, with her schoolgirl uniform hiked up so we can check out the action as they guy stuffs his big cock into her tight teen ass. Great fun for sure, the guy goes hard on her ass and then turns her to give her an incredible ass to mouth finish. Naughty teen girl!

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I love this shot of sexy teen Tracey Sweet, it’s so much what you would find in a year book picture or something. Very cute and innocent. Well, to start with, check out this sexy story:

Today we had a lame sub come in and not teach us a thing. He was a shy, passive guy so after class I stayed after to mess with him. I mad fun of his little sayings and his career choice and he just took it. But I guess I pushed too far because he flipped out and got really aggressive. I was shocked but turned on at the same time. He wasn’t weak at all and forced me on my knees to suck his cock, Then I climbed up on him and moaned as my pussy was getting fucked. I hope no ones walked by and heard us!

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Think of this scene as the after school special. Leanne is a sexy European teen schoolgirl, barely legal and already pushing the limits of her white schoolgirl uniform shirt with her ever expanding chest. Her boyfriend from the local college meets up with her after class before her parents get home, and they go at it hard and fast. No strip down here, Leanne keeps on her schoolgirl uniform, only losing her panties and perhaps her anal virginity as this guy absolutely pounds her teen pussy from every angle. She’s a naughty girl, and she ends up taking his load in her mouth and swallowing most of it! Good girl, you get excellent marks for being a cum swallowing schoolgirl!

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Schoolgirl Stonell Fucked By Her English Tutor

Stonell has no chance to pass her English exam. It’s really impossible to understand her English, and there is only one way to solve this problem – she has to ask Artem to help her with her studies. He will do all his possible to help this hottie – he will fuck her juicy pussy, then he will drill her tight asshole, and in the end he will cover her face with his hot jism… Tomorrow Stonell will get her A+ for English! Well, maybe she will do better in greek, considering how much this hot teen loved that cock up her ass!

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Sexy schoolgirl uniforms are always fun, especially when the girl wearing the uniform is hot and naughty. Brigitte is both of these things, and when her new boyfriend peels open her shift, we are presented with some truly exceptional nipples. Nice and big, you can’t miss these things! Her body is hot as hell and she is one horny schoolgirl, and ready for anything. She loves to get fucked from behind, this schoolgirl does doggy style fucking with the best of them. Then the guy gets inventive and moves on to fucking her schoolgirl ass. Talk about a tight teen ass fuck! She’s really into it, and cums repeatedly. Finally he needs to unload, and this naughty teen schoolgirl turns around for an insane ass to mouth finish that leaves her face covered in cum. That is one naughty schoolgirl!

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You have to love a sexy schoolgirl who wants to fuck and wants to have fun, check out this story from Ashley:

It was our usual Friday night: making out in my bedroom while my parents were away at some resort. They go away all the time and that leaves me and Tommy alone for two whole days. I always tell them that Janie’s coming by, but, whatever. Anyway, every week Tommy and I play Sexual Truth or Dare and last month I finally dared him to pop my cherry, which he gladly did, so this month, I figured I would get him to pop my anal cherry, which he very gladly did! Tommy slipped his meat into my asshole as slow as he could, but once I got used to having his full length up there, he started to really pound away! Then, as I frigged my clit­ off with my fingers, Tommy unloaded his nuts deep inside my butt! Oooh, I love our games!

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Sexy teen Brenda is a hotty schoolgirl I found at Club Seventeen who just loves to fuck. She loves to tease guys like crazy, and she really loves all kinds of sex! She invites her new boyfriend over when her parents are out, and they get into a really hot fuck session. She has a sweet looking shaved pussy, and she is wet! She loves sucking cock too, and really gets into it. What she loves the most though is outright fucking, getting her teen pussy pounded! She loves anal too, and she lets this guy fuck her tight teen ass as well! She even goes ass to mouth to take his big load of cum! Naughty schoolgirl, didn’t even take off her uniform to fuck!