Disruptive Student Gets Banged By The Teacher

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You know what happens to disruptive students? They get detention, after school – and the hot schoolgirls get banged by the teacher! This teacher has a simple way to keep the girls in line, if they misbehave in any way, it’s detention time and that means getting the teachers big cock fucking your face and pussy! Jay Taylor is the disruptive schoolgirl in this hot episode and clearly she loves getting banged by the teacher, I love seeing her bent over the desk finger her own pussy and getting her face fucked by this perverted professor! He clearly loves barely legal schoolgirl sucking his schlong, and banging the teacher seems like a good punishment, don’t you think?

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Schoolgirl Alaina Dawson Gets Licked Out and Fucked

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Alaina Dawson’s classmated played a nasty trick on her and left her taped to the blackboard after school. Three hours later the janitor finds her and she says help me, and he does – by pulling off her panties and licking her out! Yes, that is his way of saving her from embarassment, by making it worse. He licks out her schoolgirl pussy and plays with her tiny tits before releasing her and flipping her over the teachers desk for a good hard fucking doggy style. This horny schoolgirl is getting into it big time, she loves the janitor’s cock fucking her tight little hole and she cums hard!


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Today we had a lame sub come in and not teach us a thing. He was a shy, passive guy so after class I stayed after to mess with him. I mad fun of his little sayings and his career choice and he just took it. But I guess I pushed too far because he flipped out and got really aggressive. I was shocked but turned on at the same time. He wasn’t weak at all and forced me on my knees to suck his cock, Then I climbed up on him and moaned as my pussy was getting fucked. I hope no ones walked by and heard us!

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Grace Wood is a sexy student with a bit of a problem. See, she has a crush on the coach, and sent him a Valentines card to see what he would say. He told her to meet him in the locker room after school, and she shows up and they get all into it. The problems start when the janitor comes in and catches them in the act. He agrees not to tell anyone, as long as he gets to sample Grace’s teen pussy too! So she ends up getting fucked at one end, sucking a cock at the other, and goes from sweet innocent schoolgirl to hot teen slut in one easy step. She takes two loads of cum too!